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    The team of VitalOne designs disruptive health care cases and services in the complex world of health care. Let´s develop the next groundbreaking innovation !


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  • Service Portfolio

    Health Services

    ● Digital Health Company Builder

    ● Health Pavilons for Shopping Centers

    ●@commerce : web-shops for natural remedies

    ●Homecare Franchise System

    ●Magnetic-resonance-stimulation health stations

    Building Networks

    ●Matchmaking-Maker between Start-Ups and Investors

    ●Marketplace Creation

    ●Globalizing Innovations in Healthcare

    Venture Consulting & Coaching

    ●Market Entry Strategies

    ●Venture Financing

    ●Start-Up Services

    ●Young Entrepreneur Program

  • Company

    VitalOne is a Austrian health-service provider which offers best-in-class solutions

    for different Health-Care Cases.


    Since 1996 we have set up new enterprises , organized new value chains and executed well balanced strategies in the health care sector:

    – Designing and growing a homecare franchise system, Germany
    – Designing, constructing and operating Health Pavilons in Shopping Centers, Germany
    – Operating B2C Magnetic-resonance-stimulation health stations in hotels and spa´s, Austria
    – @commerce : Designing and running web-shops for natural remedies
    – Conceptualization and executing a matchmaking platform for Start-Ups and Investors in eHealth


    We are flexibel.

    Every business case is unique.

    We search until we can offer an individual solution.
    And we are entrepreneurs working for and together with entrepreneurs. Therefore the common objective
    is the heartbeat of our motion. For each project , for each business case we design the best multi-cultural , multi-eductated projectteam to secure the wanted result.

    flexibel - unique - entrepreneurial

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